Why we do what we do


Co-founder & Director

Co-founder & Director

Over the course of our careers we’ve had the great fortune to work with an incredible range of people and organisations. We have seen and experienced how the world has changed over this period, and how people and organisations have dealt with this.
No one can accurately predict the future. Still, more often than not, decision-makers feel they have to predict the future in order for them to lead their organisation through change. The pressures of having to “get the future right” – and to get their teams aligned around this future –turns the inherent uncertainty about what lies ahead into organisational paralysis. 

Having experienced the power of scenario planning in liberating decision-makers from these pressures, we founded SJS Strategy in early 2019 as a dedicated scenario planning consultancy to help create leaders that can turn tomorrow’s uncertainty into confident decisions today. 

Since we founded SJS Strategy, our clients have given us lots of gratifying feedback: how they were able to capitalise on their team members’ diverse perspectives; how they ignited their collective imagination; how they gained new and credible insights; how they can now make sense of the future; and how it has brought real focus and tangible strategies that are immediately actionable. 

It’s here where our skills and passions collide and it’s what drives our work every day. 

The world is changing - we can help you navigate it.


Step 1: 

Uncover the organisation's value proposition


What are the key elements that make up the organisation’s value proposition?How exposed are those elements to changes in the external environment?