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The Department of Regional New South Wales (DRNSW) is the central agency for regional affairs; ensuring that government investment into regional NSW is fair and delivers positive outcomes for local communities and businesses. In order to identify future work priorities for the Department, SJS Strategy was engaged to work together with their colleagues from a broad range of agencies and departments to explore a changing future of regional liveability in NSW – and how to prepare for it. Asked to utilise the existing state scenarios developed by the Shaping Futures team at the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, we designed and facilitated workshops to (1) collectively identify the future challenges and opportunities that the various scenarios represent for regional liveability, (2) develop strategic options to address the challenges and capture the opportunities, and (3) to establish and articulate a robust strategy logic for the prioritisation and selection of these strategic options. The outcomes of this inclusive process underpin the Department’s future work priorities to help the regional communities to continue to thrive in a changing tomorrow.