Creating structure in uncertainty

Scenario planning to explore, adapt and thrive in a changing world.



No one can predict the future; we can, however, explore the range of plausible futures.
By rehearsing the range of futures our clients learn and become adaptable as an organisation.
Making it part of the fabric of their strategic process sees them thrive in a changing world.





Through our interactive tools and presentations we engage your staff and stakeholders to educate them about a changing world by illuminating future challenges and opportunities for your organisation through the lens of megatrends

Explore through:

  • Megatrends

  • Business Model Analysis

  • Keynotes and Tasters

An agile and customised process that will stretch your team's frames of reference by co-creating scenarios of divergent future operating environments, identifying options to test and adjust today's plans and strategies

Adapt through:

  • Town Halls

  • Sprints

Thrive through:

  • Scenario Planning Programs

  • Monitoring & Early Warning Systems

  • Training & Coaching


Our work with SJS Strategy proved insightful and engaging.

We gained new insights into many plausible futures, this was achieved through an approach the deeply engaged a cross-section of our staff and leaders as well as external subject matter experts.


We were impressed with their ability to motivate and maintain this engagement over series of workshops that produced solid results that we are looking to leverage for some time to come.

Ian Burgwin

General Manager – Electrical Safety and Technical Regulation



Sander van Amelsvoort

Co-Founder & Director 

Strategy development in both the public and private sectors has been a common thread of my career. 


Most recently, as Director of Policy & Research at the Committee for Melbourne, I was fortunate enough to have led the Melbourne 4.0 Taskforce which looked at the future of Melbourne in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

As Director of SJS Strategy, I also serve on the Advisory Boards of Swinburne University’s Smart Cities Research Institute and the Global Business Innovation platform at RMIT University.

Synth Senthi

Co-Founder & Director 

For the past 20 years, I have led and managed transformation programs working with senior executive teams for major organisations such as Vodafone, AGL, and TAL.


I have gained deep expertise in customer experience, program delivery, and management as well as leadership coaching.


As a current mentor of the RMIT University's Venture Mentoring Service, I feel privileged to lend my knowledge, expertise, and experience to Melbourne's thriving start-up ecosystem.




Committee for Melbourne

Melbourne 4.0 Taskforce


World Economic Forum

The Fourth Industrial Revolution 



Cities 4.0: From Competition to Collaboration



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scenario planning


Navigating Tomorrow - exploring business models for an uncertain new reality



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