Navigating Tomorrow

The coronavirus pandemic has put us firmly in the midst of a period of accelerated change, likely heralding in significantly different ways in how we will live, work and do business. Navigating Tomorrow explores the future of business models and organisational capabilities by exploring key trends and uncertainties that are rapidly accelerating as a result of the coronavirus. The trends and resulting scenario framework raise fundamental questions that every organisations will have to formulate an effective response to.

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: 3 ways Melbourne is planning for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Bringing people together has always been the attraction of cities. As the world’s central economic engines, cities will be at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this article for the World Economic Forum, co-author Sander van Amelsvoort looks at the way that the next industrial revolution will rearrange our economic activities and what kind of strategies we will need to devise for the way we will live, work and do business in the future.