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Giving up the illusion that you can predict the future is a very liberating moment. All you can do is give yourself the capacity to respond... the creation of that capacity is the purpose of strategy.


- John Browne, Group Chief Executive (1995-2007), BP

What we do.


Equipping decision-makers

… with structure to navigate uncertainty. 

The world around us is undergoing unique and structural change, introducing new forms of uncertainty and disruption. 

SJS Strategy helps organisations develop robust, future-proof strategies in this environment.


We can’t predict the future

… but we can explore the range of plausible futures. 

SJS Strategy does this by identifying the large, structural trends that organisations cannot control, but that will fundamentally shape their future operating environment. 

Working with our clients, the scenario planning framework produces the range of scenarios that will challenge our frames of reference, force us to assess our conscious and unconscious biases, and prevent us from being blindsided. 


A powerful toolkit 

… of validated strategic responses. 

The scenario planning framework allows organisations to identify, test, and validate strategic challenges and opportunities across the entire range of plausible futures. 

Ultimately, our product is the start of a deep strategic dialogue about the organisation’s uniqueness and its role in the world, and the leadership’s vision of how that translates into the organisation’s risk appetite and growth ambitions.